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Dear Friends,

The National LightNet team welcomes the opportunity be a valued partner with your team.  We will put 

our team’s vast telecom expertise and experience to work to make your Network into a valuable 

communication tool that streamlines processes, improves productivity and enables collaboration and 


Our customer’s success in their perspective industries are why we exist.  Every interaction provides an 

opportunity to grow and strengthen what we sincerely hope will be an ongoing partnership. Our 

Communications Concierge approach ensures that your telecom spend achieves maximum results.  We 

believe your team deserves the best technology that the industry has to offer without exhausting your 

operating budget. The combination of the best products and services and a group of people with the 

talent and creativity to design and implement solutions for every customer and every budget.  It is often 

said that successful people are just “Well Connected”.    

If your goal is to grow your business and be competitive in your market why not give National LightNet a 

call and we will make sure you are always “Well Connected”.

Gratefully yours,

Willard “Will” Burge III

President / COO

National LightNet


Last month something wonderful happened to me that I'd like to share with you. My wife and I were staying at the beautiful Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur California. During one of the most phenomenal dinners we've ever had, a stranger sat down at our table and proceeded to tell the friends we were eating with all about

The M.I.B. Agents (Make it Better Agents) is such a grand cause that it will break your heart and inspire you at the same time. "M.I.B. Agents" mission is to "Make It Better!" for children and young adults with pediatric cancer. Many of these kids have had amputations or limited time left and the agents are looking for ways to make their lives just a little better. The stranger who sat at my table is Ann Graham the founder and driving force behind M.I.B. Agents. She is a cancer survivor herself and is dedicated to helping some of the greatest kids you have ever met. 

Call it karma, kismet, fate or an act of God, I believe in the latter, it was fortunate that forces greater than us placed us at the same table. We (National LightNet and Comspan Communications), are so excited to be able to join in the mission and we are letting everyone know that they can help too. Please go to meet Ann and the kids the videos will touch your heart  If you can find it in your heart to donate your time, talents or money to this great organization I believe the reward will far outweigh the cost.

Thank you and God bless

Will Burge


National Lightnet and Comspan Communications

Our Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rick Hayes was a guest on the Team Reba radio show on 1300AM KKOL Seattle and had a chance to talk about the upcoming MIB Agents charity event.

You can take a listen HERE (4th audio player).

If you want to come out to the event it is FREE and we are giving away some amazing prizes while raising money for the MIB Agents! We will also be auctioning off a resort stay in Hawaii, Mariner's memorabilia and more!

Check out the event page HERE!