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Dear Friends,

The National LightNet team welcomes the opportunity be a valued partner with your team.  We will put 

our team’s vast telecom expertise and experience to work to make your Network into a valuable 

communication tool that streamlines processes, improves productivity and enables collaboration and 


Our customer’s success in their perspective industries are why we exist.  Every interaction provides an 

opportunity to grow and strengthen what we sincerely hope will be an ongoing partnership. Our 

Communications Concierge approach ensures that your telecom spend achieves maximum results.  We 

believe your team deserves the best technology that the industry has to offer without exhausting your 

operating budget. The combination of the best products and services and a group of people with the 

talent and creativity to design and implement solutions for every customer and every budget.  It is often 

said that successful people are just “Well Connected”.    

If your goal is to grow your business and be competitive in your market why not give National LightNet a 

call and we will make sure you are always “Well Connected”.

Gratefully yours,

Willard “Will” Burge III

President / COO

National LightNet